Why Do People Like Propane?

Dave Talmage

Dear Friends,

A recent national survey by the Propane Education & Research Council asked people what they liked most about using propane as their energy source. The top answer: Local propane suppliers are very dependable.

Our customers give us praise for being dependable, too! They also like us because we are a local company; we know their homes and their neighborhood. When you call us, the person answering the phone is your neighbor, not someone in a call center far away. That’s why you can depend on us for prompt and reliable deliveries, always supported by courteous service.

We provide our customers with real, honest value: Our prices are transparent; there are no hidden charges and no additional fees. We also offer convenient services that help eliminate worries and make your life easier.

Of course, people like propane for lots of other reasons: It’s a great value, whether you are using it for heating water or drying clothes, for supplemental heating or for a gas fireplace.

As we get ready for winter, remember that you can count on us to keep you warm and comfortable all season long.


Dave Talmage
General Manager