Glassmere Fuel Service puts customer safety first.

Safety is the foremost concern of our trained, licensed, and certified technicians.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for safety, and that is why we never compromise our safety standards to finish a job quicker or cheaper. You can count on us for:

  • Licensed and certified drivers
  • Rapid response time
  • Safety-first procedures

Whether you rely on Glassmere Fuel Service for propane, heating oil, or both, you can sleep warm and sound knowing that our technicians are licensed and certified for everything from routine deliveries to complex installations.  We devote extensive time and resources to keeping you, your family, and your business safe by applying the most rigorous standards to even the most basic procedures. And when you call us with a problem, we’ll respond.

Product safety benefits you and the environment.

We use only the best parts in our installations, starting with our tanks down to the propane we deliver.  This helps us to know that you, your family, your business, and our team of professionals remain safe and secure at all times. Contact us today if you have any questions about the safety of our products.

Propane Safety Information

For information about our fuels, click here. To see more safety videos, click here.

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Our Level Payment Plan enrollment period opens in June each year and runs for 10 months through March. Sleep warm and sound knowing there won't be an unexpected heating bill coming. And with our automatic delivery service, we'll monitor your fuel levels at no extra cost too. Stop worrying about your fuel levels with Glassmere Fuel Service.