Keep Winter Deliveries on Track

Man shoveling snow

Don’t let a snowy or icy driveway prevent us from making a delivery to you this season. Navigating fuel trucks on steep driveways is one of our biggest obstacles in the winter. Safety codes prohibit us from parking on an incline unless it is clear of snow and ice and wheel chocks can be used safely. If we can’t reach your tank to deliver fuel because of unsafe conditions, you could run out of fuel.

You can avoid this by making sure your driveway is well plowed, and sanded if it’s on an incline.

Please also make sure that access to your tank is clear. Snow, ice and fallen branches make a hard job more difficult for our delivery team.

To avoid the possibility of running out of fuel, call when your tank is at about one-quarter full — or eliminate the worry and the hassle and sign up for convenient and free automatic deliveries.