What’s New in 2017?

Dave Talmage

Dear Friends,

We’re ready to roll this winter, no matter what the season brings. We’ve upgraded our fleet with new trucks so we can keep our commitment to dependable and safe fuel deliveries.

Winters aren’t easy in Pennsylvania, and our fleet takes a real beating as we make deliveries to our customers even in the worst kind of weather. Keeping our trucks in top condition and replacing them regularly means we can provide the top-notch service you expect from us.

That’s just one of the ways we make sure we are prepared for whatever weather comes our way. Extreme cold, followed by unseasonable highs and then more bitter cold creates treacherous icy conditions. We monitor the forecasts and have an emergency-response plan in place to ensure that we can get fuel to everyone who needs us. We also have on-site fuel storage tanks so we can fill our trucks and deliver fuel even if power is lost for an extended period.

As a locally operated company with deep roots in the area, we are committed to putting customers and the community first. Our long track record of coming through for customers even during the worst conditions is a testament to our dedication.

We look forward to providing you with safe and dependable service this season.


Dave Talmage
General Manager