Ask Zac

Q  Why do some propane companies charge so many fees?

A Some companies add on all kinds of fees to make up for quoting a super-low price per gallon. At Smith Propane & Oil, we don’t need to hide fees because we always charge a fair, competitive price..

Q  How can I sign up for automatic deliveries? Are there any charges?

A If you have a solid delivery history with us, you can sign up at any time — just give us a call. There are no additional fees for any of our services, including automatic deliveries.

Q  I’m enrolled in your automatic delivery plan, but we’ve used more propane than usual. What should I do?

A To keep your costs down, we aim to be as accurate as possible with automatic deliveries. But if you think you’re using more than usual — perhaps due to extra people in the house or a new appliance — let us know. We’ll take it from there.