Hopeful About Heating Fuel Prices

Dear Friends,
As we enter another heating season, optimism remains high for the long-term stability of both oil and propane prices.

Thanks to slow growth in global demand and a huge increase in U.S. production, the cost of heating oil and propane has been remaining stable. And while there’s always a chance that prices may go up because of cold weather or unexpected events (like hurricanes temporarily shutting down refineries), the outlook is very positive.

Whether you use oil, propane or both, letting Smith Propane & Oil take care of your heating fuel needs is a smart choice. No matter what happens with prices this winter, we offer programs that will help you keep costs under control.

One way we look after you is through programs like our Level Payment Plan, which spreads out your fuel costs throughout the year and allows you to receive our cash discount price all season long.
We know that, as winter approaches, you may worry about heating costs. We are here to help. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you save.

No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, you can rely on us for dependable fuel deliveries. We look forward to serving you this season.

Dave Talmage
General Manager