Snapshot: Zac Cromie new General Manager of Propane Division

Congratulations to Zac Cromie, who has recently been named general manager of the propane division of Smith Propane and Oil.

“Propane is becoming a bigger part of our business,” says Zac, whose busy day may include delivering fuel, installing tanks or overseeing pricing. “My overall job is to keep everything running smoothly while helping it to grow our business even more.”

It wasn’t always propane for Zac. As part of the third generation of Cromies, he started working in one of our convenience stores when he was 13. Over the years he has also worked in maintenance and driven an oil truck. For the past five years he has focused solely on propane.

“It’s really the same job with a new title,” says Zac. “I guess you can call me the propane czar!”