Smith Propane & Oil Featured in LP Gas Magazine

Below is an excerpt from an article on Smith Propane and Oil featured in LP Gas Magazine.

man standing in front of propane tank

Zac Cromie, General Manager-propane. Photo by Brian Richesson

At Smith Propane & Oil, Zac Cromie is leading a team effort to integrate propane into the southwestern Pennsylvania energy provider’s offerings.

Cromie, who stumbled into the propane industry almost by chance, has headed the propane side of Smith Propane & Oil for just under five years. After stepping away from a master’s degree program, Cromie approached his father and company owner, Dell Cromie, about working for the company. Zac Cromie said he wasn’t looking to immediately assume a leadership position, so he delivered fuel while evaluating his future.

During that time, Dell Cromie and Dave Talmage, Smith Propane & Oil general manager, visited with independent propane marketers to determine how to best introduce the fuel into their business. Finding the approach to make it successful was the next challenge.

“We really had no experience with propane at all,” Zac Cromie says. “So, [Dell Cromie] did his due diligence and in doing so he came to the conclusion that it could not just be the office staff and a technician.”

Smith Propane & Oil had planned for a technician to drive the bobtail and do all technical work, which would have been a tall order. Through his trips, Dell Cromie realized a salesman was needed to manage a successful propane operation.

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