Case Study: Delivering Propane to an Experiential School in Bolivar, PA


Smith Propane delivering propane to an experiential school in Bolivar, PA. (Photo/Zac Cromie)


An experiential school in Bolivar, PA

The Story

An experiential school in Bolivar, PA is dedicated to providing effective human services to families and individuals in Western and Central Pennsylvania. Once winter arrives, it must have complete confidence in its heating provider. There are over 100 students/patients and staff on campus at any given time- that’s a lot of people depending on the school every minute of every day.

The Problem

Like any home or business, the school requires heat in the winter. With patients boarding on campus and staff on-site through the night, a midnight propane emergency is a real possibility. They figured propane delivery would be easier to deal with than the power company. In the past, they’ve had propane companies with slow customer response times, which can turn into a serious problem. If they need services rendered, like a tank install or an emergency delivery, they must to be able to count on their provider.

The Solution: Propane Delivery from Smith


The school has counted on Smith Propane for propane delivery and heating services for the last several years. Since they started working together, Smith has installed tanks above and below ground, performed regular maintenance, and helped the campus expand.

When the school first hired Smith there were times Bill—Physical Plant Manager of the school—had concerns about deliveries being made on time, but Smith responded immediately. General Manager of Propane Zac Cromie was available at the drop of a hat.

“Anytime I call (Smith), I talk to Zac Cromie and he always gets with me,” said Bill. “It doesn’t matter what time or where, if he tells you he’ll be there, he’ll be there.”

Why Smith Propane and Oil?

There are many heating oil and propane delivery services out there, but what separates Smith from the other guys in Western and Central PA, is how much they care.

“Zac will just give you a call and ask if there is anything you need,” said Bill. “He’s always available when you need him and is honest about the appointment time, cost, and anything related to his business.”

From schools like this in Bolivar, to farms across the region, larger accounts get the customer service of a small business with Smith from a company that meets higher demands with ease, making Smith the perfect fit for small, medium, and large accounts.

If you’re looking to switch providers or need propane or oil delivery for the first time, count on Smith Propane and Oil for reliable, honest service at competitive prices. We deliver for you.

*The name of the school and interviewee have been changed and/or removed for privacy.