Case Study: Propane Delivery to Commercial Farm in Indiana County


Apex Farms in Penn Run, PA

The Story

Apex Farms*, located in Penn Run, is a farm and nursery operating in Indiana County. One of the biggest challenges of the year for the Apex is crop drying season, which typically lasts 2-3 months during the Fall. Apex, like many farms in the region, uses propane to dry out its grain, and relies on daily propane deliveries to do the job.

The Problem

Drying grain is essential to Apex Farms. When harvest comes to a close, grain drying is a daily process that requires hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of propane. Even more essential? A reliable propane delivery company that can be contacted at a moment’s notice for any issue. A competitive bid and great customers service are essential.

The Solution

Smith Propane and Oil had the perfect solution for Apex. With competitive prices and responsive customer service, Apex has been relying on Smith for the last two drying seasons.

“Smith communicates exceptionally well and is really competitive. It’s all about communication and the bottom line,” said a representative from Apex. “They do an excellent job.”

Zac Cromie, General Manager of Smith Propane and Oil’s Propane Division, is known for his rapid response and daily communication with Apex. With Smith delivering almost daily, communication is key.

“He’s (Zac) calling us up at least once a day to see what’s going on our end and letting me know what’s happening on their end,” said Apex.

Why Choose Propane from Smith?

Our clients continue to let us know what they value from a heating and oil company. Honestly, propane from Smith is the same as propane from the next guy. So what’s the difference? Competitive prices and quality customer service. Smith cares about your heating needs and is willing to go above and beyond. Smith Propane and Oil. We deliver for you.

If you’re looking for a commercial propane supplier, look no further than Smith Propane and Oil. We deliver to Westmoreland and surrounding counties. Give us a call at 800.814.2822 today to learn more.

*The name of the farm has been changed to protect the client.