Put your Comfort on Automatic…Delivery

Many of our oil and propane customers get scheduled fuel deliveries. They never have to call us for fuel because we carefully track their fuel usage and then make a delivery before their tank gets low. Automatic delivery does not cost anything extra! This system works for most customers if usage is consistent, but there are exceptions, especially for our propane customers who use appliances at their discretion, such as fireplaces, space heaters and pool heaters.

In cases like this, we ask that you call us for a delivery when your propane tank gauge reaches 30%. This will give us plenty of time to get more fuel to you. If you’re a heating oil customer who prefers to call in your order, you should do so when your tank reaches the ¼ mark. Important: If you find you’re using a lot more or less fuel than you did last year, please call and let us know. We will be happy to adjust your delivery schedule.