Delivering Value with Every Gallon

Dear Friends,

It isn’t easy these days to find a fuel company that’s not part of a national chain or a major corporation. And while it should come as no surprise to us when you tell us how much you appreciate working with a locally owned company like ours, we still enjoy hearing it.

When you call us during business hours, a real person is available to answer the phone and assist you. Most important, you can look to us for fast, reliable fuel deliveries. Knowing that you can count on us when you need fuel gives you peace of mind when temperatures plummet.

During last January’s extreme cold, many other fuel companies — especially the discounters — couldn’t come through and left their customers in the lurch. Those folks learned the hard way that doing business with a bargain-basement fuel dealer means you get bargain-basement service too.

We believe great value is about more than price. That’s why we offer budget-friendly payment options and convenient automatic deliveries to make your life a little easier. We couldn’t have made it this far if we weren’t able to exceed your expectations. As the weather gets cooler, remember that you can count on us no matter what the season brings.


Dave Talmage
General Manager