Five steps for winter prep

Customers often ask how they can avoid problems and help ensure that they have an easier winter. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Switch to automatic deliveries to avoid run-outs.

2. Make secure credit card payments through our website — no stamps to buy and no checks to mail.

3. Reduce fuel costs and improve performance by replacing outdated equipment with high efficiency models.

4. Take a few minutes to remove snow, ice or any other obstructions to your tank and fill pipe so that our driver can deliver your fuel as safely and efficiently as possible.

5. Inspect your aboveground oil tank to identify any problems early. Look for rust and dents, and wet spots beneath the tank. You can call us to schedule a vent alarm check, a tank inspection or a tank cleaning.

If you want to get started with automatic propane or heating oil deliveries, get in touch with us today.