The future of heating oil

Dear Friends,

Many of our longtime heating oil customers are surprised to learn how their fuel of choice has evolved in recent years. As a result of greater environmental consciousness, much of the sulfur has been removed from heating oil. The low‑sulfur heating oil we deliver produces nearly zero particulates. It also burns more efficiently, which means your heating costs stay down.

Efficiency is important, and that’s a big reason that heating with oil makes a lot of sense in Pennsylvania during our cold winters. Oil delivers more Btu’s than natural gas — so you need to burn less oil to generate the same amount of heat.

As our state strengthens its commitment to cleaner-burning fuels, the heating oil industry continues to move forward too. The goal is to deliver an equal blend of advanced biodiesel fuel and ultra-low-sulfur oil within the next 25 years. According to the National Oilheat Research Alliance, the resulting fuel would yield carbon-free heating. Now that’s really great news.

Dave Talmage
General Manager