Ask Zac: Why do Water Pipes Freeze?

A: The biggest culprits are loss of heat, thermostat settings left too low and water lines being exposed to cold air. These situations can lead to frozen or, worse, burst pipes. Here are some tips to avoid this:

✔️ Leave your thermostat at a minimum of 60° F. (Consider raising it to 65° if temperatures drop very low.) 

✔️ Seal holes that allow water lines to be exposed to cold air. 

✔️ In extreme cold, leave kitchen cabinet doors open to allow heat into areas where water pipes are located.

✔️ Insulate your water lines in cold spaces like your garage, crawl spaces and attic.

If your pipes do freeze, leave the water faucet slightly open. Use a hair dryer or a space heater — never use a device with an open flame — to thaw the frozen section of the pipe. Call a plumber if you see any water coming from any pipes.