4 Ways to Get Peace of Mind

These days, we could all use some convenience. Here are four ways we can make your life easier this fall. 

1. Direct Debit: Never miss a payment! You’ll get billed automatically — right from your bank account, for the amount and on the date that you stipulate. 

2. Paperless Billing: Receive bills via email and never lose a statement again! 

3. Level Payment Program: We’ll divide your fuel bill into 10 affordable monthly payments from June through March, keeping your bills predictable and manageable. And you won’t have to worry about fluctuations in the cost of oil. With this program, we determine your rate based on past usage — and you’ll receive our cash rate all season long. 

4. Online Customer Portal: Pay your bill online using your credit card. All it takes is just a few quick clicks. 

Have questions? Just call or email us and we’ll help you get started!