Contactless Delivery and Remote Tank Monitoring Made all the Difference

A Sunday propane delivery to Ron Anthony Wood Products


At Smith, we’re always looking for ways to make deliveries easier and safer for our customers. With this in mind, we began offering contactless delivery and remote tank monitoring* to our propane customers several months ago. This has been proven to be very successful. Not only are we alerted when a customers’ tank is low, we can also make that delivery without contact. This is particularly important to us in the middle of a pandemic.

We were recently alerted on a Sunday that one of our customers, Ron Anthony Wood Products, located in Blairsville, saw their propane tank levels go from 30 percent to 9 percent in a matter of 36 hours. This customer is unique in that they supplement their propane heat with a wood burner. Well, that wood burner went out at some point on Friday, accelerating propane use and exhausting it at a much faster rate. If another day went by, Ron Anthony would have been without heat on Monday, in the middle of January.

“He (Zac Cromie) was actually sitting here waiting for someone to unlock the gate,” said Judy, secretary at Ron Anthony. “It was really nice that we weren’t left cold on Monday morning. Once it gets cold, it’s hard to heat this place up.”

Speaking of this delivery, and of contactless/tank monitoring, Propane General Manager Cromie said, “This is why I’m out driving on a Sunday; when a customer goes contactless they’ll never run out, even with a huge change in their use.”

“We’ve been with Smith Propane and Oil for about two years now,” said Judy. “The pricing is fair,  and everybody seems very nice to deal with whether in person or on the phone. I think the tank monitoring service is what we like the most.”

If you’re a propane customer, want to sign up for service, or desire to learn more about contactless delivery and a free tank monitor*, contact us today at 800-814-2822 or submit an inquiry online.

*Restrictions apply. Please contact us to learn more.