Personally Speaking: Great News about Propane

 Dear Friends, 

Even though we have no idea when the global pandemic will fully become a thing of the past, we can see some light ahead of us, thanks to the availability of vaccines. 

Like you, we’re looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy. For 80 years now, we have been committed to responding to our customers’ needs. A perfect example of this is our decision to offer BULK PROPANE, an increasingly popular fuel with a wide range of uses. 

Some propane companies will quote you one price on the phone, but as soon as they install a tank, they’ll surprise you by tacking big fees onto their delivery bill. 

We do not charge any fees! Like our heating oil, our propane pricing policy is consistently honest and fair. 

Please feel free to contact us, either by phone or through our website, to learn more about our propane delivery service. 

Be well. 

Dell M. Cromie, President