Preparing for Winter 2020

With Thanksgiving over and the season changing from turkey and pumpkin pie to holiday scarves and hats, it’s time to turn our attention to winter. While Pennsylvania had an unusually mild winter in 2019-2020, don’t expect a similar gift from mother nature this year. According to the farmers almanac, the prediction for snow is very different compared to last season. Expect temperatures to be on par with previous years, and even a little colder, plus more snow, especially in February and March in the Northeast region. This is all a prediction, of course, but the almanac is pretty reliable.

What does that mean to you? It means you’re probably going to be hunkered down inside just a little bit more compared to last winter. And with all that has been happening in 2020, it’s best to be prepared for low temperatures and increased snowstorms.

Order Fuel Ahead of Time

With a fuel source such as heating oil or propane, it’s difficult to know just how much of an impact the economy, the state of the world–and in this year, a pandemic–will have on fuel supply and prices. An easy way to have peace of mind is to get your fuel orders in well-ahead of running low. Save a little money here and there and set it aside for fuel expenses. If you’re a will-call customer, prices can change quickly and demand can rise rapidly as the season gets colder. Don’t wait to order fuel.


One of the most important checkboxes to mark this winter is home heat. One available resource is Pennsylvania’s LIHEAP program. Liheap (Low-income Heating Energy Assistance Program) helps low-income families pay their fuel bills in the form of a cash grant. Grants range from 200-1000 dollars depending on home size, income level, and fuel requirements. These grants are paid directly to the fuel provider and do not need to be repaid. Applications for LIHEAP 2020-2021 are live now. Learn more about liheap: Applications in english and spanish are available for download below:



Home and Yard Maintenance

Getting your home ready for winter is about more than just fuel. It’s important to make sure your home is fit for the toughest of winters. Make a plan to tidy up around the house, yard, and vehicle.

-Check for and clear yard debris

-Clear your gutters and water spouts

Weatherproof windows and doors

-Check for and repair damaged roof shingles and siding

-Clean the chimney and fireplace

-Check for and repair any plumbing weaknesses or issues

-Make required car repairs and maintenance where possible

-Create a 72-hour emergency kit for your home and vehicles

Stay Safe and Stay Warm

Smith’s number one goal this holiday and winter season is to keep you warm. Our delivery drivers will be busy making deliveries and we expect a rise in demand. Be sure to reach out to us early so we can take care of your fuel needs before you run out or run too low. We will do our best to accommodate your situation, but please be patient. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us online at or give us a call at (800) 814-2822.